Roof Leakage Treatment Services in Karachi

roof leakage treatment services

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Roof Leakage Solution in Karachi

roof leakage solution

Each year monsoon rains create a havoc among homeowners in Pakistan. Owing to the fact that the harsh weather causes serious damages to the structures, resulting in unforeseen or obvious roof problems. Roof seepage is one of the most common problems that often arises during or after the monsoon season.

Bubbling paint, wet walls and dripping ceilings are some of the signs that tells the tale of a roof requiring immediate attention.

The good news is roof leakage can be fixed, but it can be costly and time consuming in terms of repair, especially if you fail to discover the source early on. Furthermore, if the issue is not fixed in time, you can lose some of your residential assets like cabinets and furniture to water damage.

Hence homeowners must evade DIY effort and hire a professional contractor to inspect and repair the roof. In fact, a periodic inspection of the roof can aid you discover potential areas that are allowing water to seep into the structure of your house beforehand.

However, to establish a proper maintenance plan first you need to comprehend the reasons for roof leaks. Here are some common causative problems to watch out for during this rainy season:

Roof Heat Insolation Services in Karachi

Roof Heat Insolation
roof heat Insolation services in Karachi

House Safe Chemical Services Provides Roof Heat Insolation Services . The surface temperature of roof  rises due to the accumulated heat when it absorbs solar energy, the excessive temperature caused by solar radiation will result in many inconveniences and even troubles in industrial production and daily life; in order to maintain the proper temperature of the roof , a large amount of energy is consumed i.e Air Conditioner system Unicorn Chemical provides extreamly affective solution for roof heat Insolation services in Pakistan.

The development of effective and economic thermal insulation materials is the key to meet the urgent needs for energy saving and emission reduction. In the face of variety of choices of thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation coating become more and more popular due to its good thermal insulation performance, economic, easy to use, and adaptability for a wide range of substrates. With the thermal insulation functional fillers (briefly called fillers in the following text) in coating system, the films can show a certain thermal insulation effect by reflecting, radiating, or isolating heat. As a result, when covered by thermal insulation coatings, the surface temperature of object would be greatly decreased. In this case, a large amount of energy consumed for cooling down the objects exposed to sunlight could be saved, which means the energy consumption can be reduced effectively by just covering with a thermal insulation coating on the surface of object.

in hot summer, the storage tank for oil, gas, chemical, etc. required to be cooled by water spray regularly. Otherwise, high temperatures can cause excessive volatile organic compounds volatilization and even explosion. But this cooling method not only wastes a lot of water and electricity costs, but also affects the tank equipment maintenance.

Roof Cool Services in Karachi

Roof Cool Services
roof cool services in Karachi

To keep the roofs cool and to make long lasting, we present a solution to protect the reparation of its basic investment. Whether it needs a high performance, choice of high quality from which a maximum cost is provided. To complete any need and savings we provide a wide range of products and services. In many cases roof is protected as well as we also complete your needs. Coatings make white ceiling which reflects the sun, instead of absorbing them as black roofs.

Roof Heatproofing Services in Karachi

roof heatproofing services in Karachi

In Pakistan most of the including Karachi Islamabad and Lahore suffer from very high temperature in summer, usually in Mercury up to 40 degree Celsius. In this condition usage of air very less high energy bills. Royal chemical services offer guarantee lowest temperature of each of your no up to 10 till 15 degree Celsius which makes your room environment more cooler in hot days of Summer without expending high on energy bills. Heat proofing is a method in which heat reflective chemical solution is used on the surface of a property for roof heat proofing treatment.These chemical solutions are used by Royal chemical services which are of highest quality which increases the service of durability and lifespan. Roof heat proofing solutions are certified according to International standard, it can be applied on concrete, wooden and all sorts of metal structures and it completely reflects ultraviolet (UV) sunlight rays and reduces the room temperature within 30 to 40%. It reduces electric bill up to 20 to 50 percent because of uses of electrical appliances clutches air conditioners etc. Roof heat proofing service is a effective and simple way to protect the structure of building from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, this anti heat reflective system reflects the heat backward and it may be applied on concrete, wooden or metal structures, show the properties in hots sunny weather saves energy and money. People do not use air conditioners after the application of heat proofing chemicals on their surface of roof, minimum solar heat passes through heat insulation chemical into the buildings. Heat proofing chemicals makes the interior side of room temperature cooler in summer days and walls too and after the application of these chemicals, the roof do not absorb radiant heat from sun and it also reduces electricity bills when walls and sealing are painted with it. Our roof feet proofing chemicals are 100% qualified and it doesn’t do any harm to the structure. Royal chemical services provides best roof heat proofing chemical services all over Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Punjab, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Sindh and Balochistan.

RCC Roof Waterproofing With Everseel Services in Karachi

roof waterproofing services in Karachi

House Safe Chemical Services Provides services of  roof leakage treatment service. Moreover we treat swimming pools by most qualified solution.
However waterproofing is necessary for a flat roof, so the owner of the building should take this in consideration. Waterproofing a flat roof is a good choice as a result, it will keep your house protected from leakages. Our roof waterproofing service has given 100% results even in heavy rain. We provide waterproofing services all over Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Balochistan.